Popolarissima: the race we are proud of

By 7 November 2017History

Popolarissima is the cycling race organized by UC Trevigiani.

It’s kind of an amateur Milan-Sanremo or a spring world championship that historically takes place in Treviso. From the first edition, which dates back to 1919, the team lives in symbiosis with Treviso and Treviso with the team, it is no wonder that while on the jersey still remains a bit of black as an ancient legacy, in those years it became more white-celestial like the colors of the city.
From a sporting point of view, when Popolarissima was won by Nane Pinarello in 1942, the pioneering era was closed. From the tragedy of the war, with its 82% destroyed or damaged buildings and its 1.600 civilian deaths, Treviso has the most beautiful and active resources and started a giant process of transformation that places it today among the most prosperous and livable cities in the country. At that time it was good for the morale that in a city still half-dead Circuito degli Assi come back again on the road with great champions such as Bartali, Coppi and Magni.
Popolarissima has traditionally been a flat race, conducted on circuits in the northern part of the city. In 1996, starting and arriving in Treviso, it left the city track to face Montello, which did not prevent the arrival of quite always a compact group, where the best sprinter of the moment triumphed. Since 2014, UC Trevigiani council has decided to change the route, to return to a large circuit that develops between the city center and the suburbs, which sees the departure and arrival along the sixteenth-century town walls, which act as a natural stage for the miles of spectators who each year attend the race.
From the 102nd edition in 2017, Popolarissima has enter in the international UCI Europe Tour calendar thanks to the initiative of President Ettore Renato Barzi. The passage from 1.12 class to 1.2 ME is a historic event for the race and for the city of Treviso that also this year awaits athletes and spectators from around the world.
Popolarissima has always been located the third Sunday of March, for 2018 the appointment is therefore for March 18.